Marketing Communication

Our Marketing Team helps you narrow down on best creative ingredients & strategy for translating your marketing convictions and objectives into high lead engagement.
Marketing Communication

Digital Marketing & Analytics

The digital landscape holds a vast potential for lead generation & brand-consumer interaction. 

Our team of analysts & strategists help you discover new avenues for helping these communities of leads and prospects. gravitate towards your brand. 

Watch your idea metamorphose into it’s finest final form as a business & a brand across the sector. Let our experts assist you to create a stunning corporate identity for your brand.

We Specialise In : Search Engine Advertisement | Search Engine Optimisation | E-Commerce Sales Funnel Set Up | E-Mail Marketing | Influencer Marketing | CRM Integration | Content Marketing | Native Ads Set Up | ORM

Automation & Governance Solutions

Digital Marketing

The solution has become a buzzword & is high in demand, recommended & opted in during several discussions pivoted at business growth. From an entry level entrepreneur or startup to the dominating market leaders, they’ve all identified the need to foray into the digital landscape given it’s effectiveness & micro level measurability. 


Started in 2015 with a team of 6, – Our marketing division delivered some high performance online campaigns & creative support to emerging brands in India. The unique barter opportunities we explored along the way still helps us stay warm with our networks. Our teammates, during their term of employment with us, have evolved as wizards & handle large teams on large & complex projects.


Neuromarketing & Research

We’re growing in an era where brands take decisions based on studies devised to identify consumers’ sensorimotor, cognitive, and affective response to marketing stimuli. Companies such as Google, CBS, and Frito-Lay amongst others have used Neuromarketing Research to measure consumer thoughts on their advertisements or products. The word “Neuromarketing” was coined by Ale Smidts in 2002. 

The purpose of Neuromarketing is to learn why consumers make the decisions they do, and what part of the brain is telling them to do it. Technologies such as functional magnetic resonance imaging, electroencephalography and Steady state topography can measure activity in specific regional spectra of the brain response and/or sensors to measure changes in one’s physiological state, also known as biometrics.

Sales Funnel & CRM

We understand how ‘Lead Generation’ is of prime interest for most of the businessmen – Ignoring the vital components of the process can cripple one’s ability to retain & convert good leads. Our checklist of such components include having a brilliant Sales Funnel set up on an analytics profile. Integrating necessary tools of gathering & analysing data. Following a steady ‘Lead Nurturing’ process via CRM integration & retargeting the warm leads with high conversion probability on social platforms & e-mail. 

A good communication strategy alone might not result into sky touching sales figures, unless it’s complimented with appropriate media channels & high targeting accuracy. Every time a business spends on media channels, they release a communication missile which requires flawless precision of trajectory for maximum impact on consumers. 

Our teams constantly embrace new age methodologies to identify & influence ‘Catchment Areas’ across the digital landscape. Be it a mobile app, social platform or personal mailbox, we help you reach your consumer in ways beyond conventional – Ensuring that your brand is remembered for delightful reasons going beyond your product & service. 

ORM & Native Ads

Every public figure maintains an ‘Elusive’ & ‘Triumphant’ vibe around their brand. The same analogy works well with businesses. Corporate Relations, Investor’s Relations, Internal Communication & Public Relations have become warm beacon signals which improve your business relations & maintain an inspirational  reputation in the market. A significant volume of well timed efforts are invested on these fronts which make a brand popular. There have been instances where this limelight has also helped young businesses procure the necessary growth capital. 


Online Reputation – Beyond corporate significance, have also managed to change the political dynamics of several countries.


Native Ads are byte sized paid ads disguised to look like organic content providing value, but are placed with the sole objective of generating Sales of your product/service. Formats may include articles, infographics, static design, motion graphics or videos. While one may think of this provision as an easy tool – It is important to feature the right blend of strategy, copy & visual for best results. 

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