IT Architecture

Set up foundational principles, protocols, platforms, models & standards to be used by the entire organisation for a seamless workflow.

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From building a complex data driven growth trajectory for your e-commerce marketplace to helping you build efficient, state of the art web applications & mobile applications, our team offers a comprehensive range of services which help you establish a strong market presence & follow a steady & well paced flight towards growth & success. 


Explore the limitless possibilities for e-commerce & data sciences with our highly efficient workflow encompassing every major step involved in creating a successful revenue line & management for large corporations :

Automation & Governance Solutions

IT Governance

In a large multifaceted organisation, the key personnel like VP, AVP, CTO, Business Heads and Project Managers have the responsibility to implement mandates and internal policies to ensure that all stakeholders’ interests are taken into account and that they provide measurable results. This framework aims at structuring & delineating the power & management roles in an organisation. Also, it is pivoted at defining & guiding the enforcement of processes, setting up informational guidelines, rules & procedures. The IT Governance has to be in congruence with the company goals, financial incentives, strategic mandates, power structure & hierarchy. 

Workload Automation

Set up in a virtual or cloud based environment, a Workload Automation System helps you prepare a healthy roster to schedule, initiate, organise and manage tasks which constitute your business processes, maintenance & transactions.

Benefits –

i. Improved decision making using predictive analytics and centralised management, 

ii. Reducing man force & cost of ownership for your central server.

iii. Better development agility and integration with DevOps.

iv. Customised Dashboards & precise governance protocols for application developers and operators with dedicated interfaces for each.


IT Risk Management

Risk is about uncertainty. If you put a framework around that uncertainty, then you effectively de-risk your project. The De-Risking process also helps to resolve problems when they arise, since those problems have been envisaged, their troubleshooting plans have already been developed and agreed. With an appropriate risk management program, a company can minimise the impacts of project threats and capitalise the opportunities that occur to best extent. 

Workflow :

i. Identify ii. Analyse iii. Evaluate iv. Treat v. Review



The process of identifying how a business can be affected by, and can take advantage of, new technologies and models that originate and develop in the consumer space.

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