Contemplating realistic imagination of the future & ways to fill the gaps.
Sustainable Innovation

Unique & New Age Solutions for chronic challenges

Innovation shouldn’t necessarily eliminate human effort – We can rather have our forces focus on solutions to everyday life problems or business challenges without completely dismissing human intervention.

Innovation must bring balance by blending  human participation, skill acquisition, technology & environment conservation. 

In our constant pursuit, we ensure the best technology wireframes are built to add comfort & ease of operations for the labour force – as well as help one maintain health, productivity & finance cycle. 

We celebrate working in close proximity with seniors while contributing to deliver realistic project benchmarks to create sustainable technology solutions across – Waste Management, Health Care, Tourism & other areas.

We Specialise In : Residential & Society Surveillance Application | Agriculture & Technology | Waste Management Application | Academic Performance Monitoring Application | Institute Management Platform | Artificial Intelligence Based Chat Bots | Machine Learning Applications across various sectors.

Business Innovation, Gamification

& Real life Solutions

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence can support three important business needs : Business Process Automation, Gaining Insights via Data Analysis, and Customer & Employee Engagement.

Making sense out of available data is the key to modern business growth predictions. AI models offer industry specific solutions to envisage growth, identify irregularities, gather data on consumer preferences, improve efficiency & engage employees. AI & Machine Learning Algorithms can offer a broader canvas for improvement beyond predictions, analysis & management to various sectors like healthcare, media, marketing, capital markets, real estate, manufacturing or any other niche. The prime objective of AI is to automate recurring processes & simplify operations for rapid growth. 


Our advisors are helping several businesses understand the future significance of embracing AI & Machine Learning & helping them leverage on AI/ML algorithms which cater to their business needs when integrated on web applications, mobile applications. We’ve successfully conducted this transformation across healthcare, tourism, retail & hospitality sectors via NLP based chatbot. NLP integration allows our chatbot to extract relevant information / feedback from your consumers &  improves business-consumer interaction. The bot generates responses sensitive to incoming queries which may vary from a simple greeting, answer to a CTA.  

Highlights – Cognitive Insights, Cognitive Engagement, Data Mining, NLP, Process Automation, Predictive Analysis.


Management Applications

Academic Progress Monitoring & Institute Management :

Work Sheet / Report Card Updates, Attendance Alert, Important Notifications, Bus Tracking System, PT Meeting Alerts, Exam Dates & Timetables, Important Portions, Parenting Tips, Event Updates, Overall Academic Progress Reporting, Staff Directory Management, Book Recommendations, Home Projects.


Hotel Management :

Room Allocation, Folio Settlement, Inventory Management, HR Management, Push Notifications, Housekeeping Alerts, Printing Provision, Distribution, ORM, Identity Scanning, Payment Gateway, Marketing Panel, Sales Automation.

Society Surveillance & Management : 

Smart Gate Security, Guest Identification & Alerts, Society Maintenance Alerts, Circulars, Rule Book, Event Notifications, Emergency Alerts, Voting Polls & Feedbacks, Maid & House Keeping Staff Profile Management. 


Highlights – Intuitive Dashboard, Super Fast Response Time, High Customisation, End to end support, Prompt Iterations / Updates, 

Agriculture & Technology

While several pictures of flying drones surface the internet depicting agricultural innovation, it’s a complicated area to venture in especially considering Indian agriculture scenario. As our ecosystem stems down from the ‘Green Revolution’ & ‘White Revolution’ – it’s important to pivot our efforts at ‘Commercial Revolution’ where farmers benefit the most from what’s on offer from the government & CSR initiatives. Our experts work in close proximity with large scale agriculturists to understand & respond to real time challenges.

Areas of Application – Soil Management, Post Harvest Technology, Crop Disease Management, Poly House Construction & Maintenance, Food Preservation Technologies, Animal Husbandry & Livestock Management, Agro Research & Market Analysis, Vertical Farming, Floriculture, Sericulture, Dairy Supply Management, Water Management. 

Highlights – 

Animals –

Tools : Soil & Water Sensors, Weather Tracking, Remote Sensing, Crop Genetics, Hydroponic & Aeroponic Set Up.

Features : Provision of essential elements, Nutrient Uptake Enhancement, Plant Health Management, Soil Condition Improvement, Crop Quality & Quantity Control.

Space Management in Compact Areas.

Agro –

Tools : Production Monitoring, Remote Tracking, Health Monitoring, Heard Management, Artificial Insemination, Genomic Selection, Milking Automation, Greenhouses, Precision Agriculture, Smart Farming.

Features : Digestion Improvement, Immunity Enhancement, Minimised Stress Levels, Environment Management for high yields, Breeding & Genetics Analysis.

AR / VR & Extended Reality

Revolutionise the way your consumers see the world. Give them a real life simulation of your products, facility, environment & experiences with Augmented (AR), Virtual (VR) & Extended Reality (XR) Technology. XR encompasses several emerging technologies to create a deep immersive experience by placing digital objects or designs in real world to help consumers try / visit the product / location improving decision making process & driving superlative engagement. 

Virtual Reality has become increasingly prevalent for creating immersive consumer interaction giving us endless creative possibilities. 

Areas of Application – Gamified Training Sessions, Real Estate, Immersive Entertainment, Gaming, Jewellery & Apparels, Interior Designing & Architecture, Retail, Brand Launch Events, Industrial Simulation, Education. 


Features –

Expand, Annotate, Interact, Annotate in any Modality.

Host Training Sessions via Virtual Experiences.

Host Site Visits, Location Scouting in 360° Environments.

High Compatibility with all popular VR gear brands.


Highlights – Scalable Cloud Based Storage & Management, Logging Functionality, Optimised HMD Window Scroll Transitions, Application Crash Prevention, Prompt Diagnosis, On-Demand Support, Creative 3D Environments & Designs, Cross-Device Publishing, Integration with Current ERP / LMS Software, User Management, Content Management, Asset Import (Decimation & Optimisation), Recording Function, Performance Monitoring. 


Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity, not a threat.