Inspirit Entrepreneurship

Meaningful Journeys

The EIP program is an initiative by GI Group to empower the young minds of our country & help them with not just employment but with the dynamism required to cultivate an entrepreneurial & intrapreneurial mindset.

We conduct vocational training programs, soft skill development & interactive sessions on problem solving ability & corporate etiquettes for the urban, semi-urban, rural and tribal areas for youth and senior citizens preparing them for the corporate world & real life challenges.

With millions of young individuals participating in labour force in India, it is important to encourage leaders who’d consistently create quality job opportunities for them & engender a steady employment rate.

Business Management

Entrepreneurship is today universally recognised as critical resource in the economic development process of a country. While it is important to focus on encouraging more people to start business, a concerted effort should also be made to help these businesses grow. Providing the resources & extended skill set required  for business growth is also a proven way to improve economy.

Financial Education – An important pre requisite of wealth creation & wealth management isn’t necessarily included in school & institutional curriculums. We try to subject our patrons to the basics of Trade & Economy irrespective of their background, helping them have a healthy mindset which won’t get easily distracted by external noise. 

Activities conducted – Problem Identification, Ideas & Solutions, Startup Incubation Programs, Funding Assistance, Vocational Training Programs, Global Business Opportunities, Trade Basics, Corporate Etiquettes, Technology Basics, Brand Building & Marketing Coaching, Resource Management & other allied topics.


Communication is key to intellectual growth & divergent thinking. Healthy contemplation, critical thinking & creativity together result into successful entrepreneurship – We must therefore engage children in productive conversations at home & set the right trajectory for their journey. Once aboard, we train our forces covering granular aspects like non-verbal communication, business terminology, demonstration of a startups journey towards a public limited company & IPO, public speaking & plethora of other essentials which together result in comprehensive & noble industry leaders. 

Corporate Etiquettes – An interesting approach towards utilising the best within you to render a vibe which translates your discipline, vision & help you resonate effectively with your clients, stakeholders, shareholders, employees or teammates. From corporate grooming to social conduct, we ensure it’s mandatory for our candidates to diligently practice routines which highlight their competencies, strengths & confidence while making a pitch presentation, or conducting a client meeting.