Leadership & Creativity

Can We Co-Create?

As quoted by a business leader, “Artists & Poets will save the world, not technology.” We recognise creativity as a strong instrument to forge beliefs & bring intellectual revolution to the modern era – Responsibly. It is therefore mandatory for our future generations to have powerful creative acumen for propagating the right morals, ethics & living standards.

From analysing ‘Thinking Patterns’ to implementing them – our patrons & evangelists are voicing their wisdom which is currently essential to bring positive changes, both locally & globally. We’ve understood the volume of effort required to bring intellectual transition in young minds which won’t just create, but also sow seeds of benevolence & good-will along their way.

Tolerance, Love, Animal Welfare, Environment Welfare, Interpersonal Relationships & Emotional Quotient – are a few key concepts which our evangelists embrace while conveying their respective curriculums in the most inspiring way.

‘Today’s readers are tomorrow’s leaders.’

One has to be inquisitive enough to go down that road. All we do is build intellectual curiosity & inquisitiveness in a person which snowballs into thirst & appetite for knowledge. Once accomplished, we make all the required resources, books, video courses available to our candidates from reputed authors to impart clarity & information in it’s purest form.

According to Harvard Business Review – ‘Deep, broad reading habits are often a defining characteristic of our greatest leaders and can catalyze insight, innovation, empathy, and personal effectiveness.’ We take pride in maintaining micro libraries & a vast pool of valuable e-books across all our facilities & catchment areas to promote the initiative.

Activities conducted – Group discussion, reading sessions, book appreciation, art appreciation, movies & documentary screenings, art exhibition & small literature fests.