Corporate Communication

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Corporate Communication

Brand Development

What drives your consumers? What motivates their behaviour?

Who influences them to make buying decisions?

These are some of the most important questions we help entrepreneurs understand before devising the strategy because a brand is able to connect with its audience only when it can connect with consumer’s emotions, goals and aspirations.

We gather intelligence from the market, consumer and the product to build a unique proposition for the brand by seamlessly integrating this knowledge and transforming into a compelling narrative.

We Specialise In : Consumer Intelligence & Market Research | Brand Strategy | Design Manifestation | Brand Management

Consumer Intelligence & Corporate Identity

Consumer Intelligence

To befriend the consumers – one must understand what they’re looking for, how they feel about certain concepts & what triggers them. Every brand or public figure must put itself into consumer’s shoes before propagating a message. This process is crucial to avoid any turbulence or dullness in your interaction with the audiences. We’d like to re-iterate – ‘It’s not about them liking a facade, it’s about you genuinely investing into solving their problems’


How do we gather intelligence?

In-depth one on one interviews

Focused Group Research

Mystery Shopping

Secondary Research

Benefits –

Consumer Behaviour & Propensity analysis
Customer relationship management (CRM)
Consumer demographics, psychographics, and firmographics
Market segmentation
Market trends analysis
Price vs. value information
Supply / demand analysis

Evaluating current perception about brand

Evaluating : Name, Packaging, Communication, Tonality

SWOT Analysis

Brand Strategy

Our Brand Strategy Process include:

Brand Positioning

Brand Value Proposition

Brand Promise

Brand Tone of Voice & Character

Brand story & Key Communication Message

Brand Architecture

Brand Naming


This is the defining stage for your brand. Below is our approach

a) Workshop with stakeholders: We conduct a session with stakeholders of the organisation to decode their vision for the brand and internal strengths of the organisation and the product match with external opportunities.

b) Market Mapping: With our expertise and market knowledge, we classify the distinct space in the category that the brand will play in order to meet the goals and aspirations of its target audience.

c) Brand DNA & Narrative: We further elaborate and devise the character, a role, value, imagery and promise that a brand will make to its consumer.

d) Communication Message: A crisp and compelling message will be crafted that will embody the brand’s essence and remain consistent on every medium

Design Manifestation

Every public figure maintains an ‘Elusive’ & ‘Triumphant’ energy around their brand. The same analogy works. Our creative team constantly endeavours to build familiarity around their designs ensuring a high intrigue value & delightful persuasion amongst your target audience. Our team ensures that the Brand Strategy gets seamlessly integrated across all design elements building a distict yet powerful image of the brand.


A brand speaks it’s own language & create lasting impression through :


Brand Logo

Package Design

Website Design

Retail Communication Design

Advertisement Campaign

Corporate Stationery 


Brand Management

Our brand management division helps you launch deep resonating campaigns to strike the right chord with your potential consumers. We co-ordinate with external vendors to execute the campaign and ensure that there is communication uniformity across all the channels & it is in alignment with brand values. We help companies allocate optimised budgets pivoted at fulfilling marketing and branding objectives of the organisation.

We boast our expertise in :

Marketing Planning

Managing different vendors

Campaign designing

Generating content in tandem with agencies

Reviewing & Monitoring the campaign from time to time.

Seeking market opportunities for expansion

Shaping consumer perceptions through constant market feedback and interactions

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