Our Tenets

Our Mission

The 21st century continues to mark a significant transition for the mankind. A transition which comprises of superior comfort, mobility, tech enveloped art forms, network & connectivity & the ability to explore the space or even beyond. As we embrace this evolution, we believe it’s our duty to maintain a healthy balance ensuring even distribution of knowledge & skill set, quality employment & growth opportunities along with magnanimity.

We take pride in holding the baton for supporting & fostering sustainable business development across urban & rural areas at generous extents. The immense growth & expansion capabilities of rural enterprises & their inquisitiveness towards adopting modern solutions motivates us to undertake training & implementation programs for them. We aspire to promote financial inclusion across the lengths & breadths of India.

The Journey So Far

Started as a marketing & trading firm, M/S. SAMSHERIAN, a division of Gurav International offered a wide spectrum services including Brand Development, Marketing & Sales, Creative Services & MarTech Solutions. Along the way, we expanded our peripheries to meet large scale requirements beyond our core capabilities. The Group has successfully secured an esoteric position in the market across diverse ventures encompassing technology, hospitality, entertainment, real estate, training programs, creativity & market research. Our ENTREPRENEURSHIP INSPIRIT PROGRAM (EIP) has established a pedagogic network of highly incisive leaders & instructors shaping young minds which will determine the world’s future. The team diligently takes responsibility to frequently conduct training sessions for cultivating talents & granting them global exposure & opportunities.

What Sets Us Apart?

We’re proud to have well begun our journey towards setting milestones for the forthcoming generations & reiterate the noble concepts in our own distinct fashion which resonates with the current & future generation. Since we’ve already ushered into an era of information revolution, our core foundation stands on data driven business decisions & a strong information architecture.

We’ve observed that companies embrace monotonous & incremental growth as they identify & enter their comfort zone over time. What’s required instead is the propensity of core members to think revolutionary ideas which drive exponential growth & add value to the socio economic ecosystem. We enjoy working with our core team of experts who’re engaged every hour in contemplating about solutions, new products & building a rewarding & enriching ecosystem for people. Focused on innovation, our core experts are constantly scaling up our activities & areas of operation.

Our Trajectory

We’re excited to accomplish our goal towards becoming & helping entrepreneurs create a future ready organisation. Our future milestones include : 

  • Setting a Global Footprint Across Developing Sectors.
  • Building a Vast Canvas for Rural Inclusion.
  • Enriching Lives Across Every Socio-Economic Group.
  • Maintaining an Intelligible & Transparent Project Cycle.
  • Promoting Entrepreneurship & Labour Force Participation.