IT Sector's Catch-22 during Covid-19

Navigating Across Popular Questions & Indefinite Opinions.

The  $180-billion Indian IT industry, is currently battling the repercussions of Covid-19. The fear is visible & explicable, since more than two-third of this sector’s service export is consumed by the United States & Europe which are unfortunately on the crosshairs of the pandemic. Few experts are forecasting the impact to be worse than the 2008 Global Finance Crises. As mentioned by senior analyst Boz Hristov, Indian IT service providers can still however leverage on their value proposition, price points & manpower strength. The questions ricocheting in our minds are – Is it possible to precisely gauge the longevity of this turbulence? Will the resultant increase in demand for automation permanently curtail future labour participation? The most petrifying thought is the possibility of having our civilisation come terms with the widening lacuna in our welfare, societal & economic capacities. 

Amidst restrictions, we still have the liberty & power to bring ourselves out of our intellectual comfort zones & build adaptability by trying to visit relevant skill-sets, modifiable assets & career turns which would’ve rather remained unexplored.