Motivation, Information & Call To Action

3 Ingredients of Healthy Content in the Digital Age.

We’ve ushered into an age of information revolution where young minds are nourished by byte sized information pieces. The 21st century canon features some remarkable work of literature by prolific authors & industry experts. On the other hand, Millennials & Gen-Y are already distracted by frivolous gratifications & therefore deprived of quality & clarity across their learning process. It is therefore, duty of the informed & adept creators to bridge the chasm between works of intellectual or artistic merit & the deprived sections of a generation.   

Is there a perfect formulation of healthy content in the digital age? 

Here’s our take : A good content piece, irrespective of it’s format or medium, must support itself on the cornerstones of credibility, brevity, morality & lucidity. One may observe & follow the winning practice of infusing the narrative with motivation to attract readers/viewers, entertainment to engage them, information to educate them & a definite call-to-action which sets or redirects your audience’s trajectory.

A well designed stream of content pieces holds great potential to shape belief systems of people, compel them to propagate opinions or even instigate productive actions.

Amidst restrictions, we still have the liberty & power to bring ourselves out of our intellectual comfort zones & build adaptability by trying to visit relevant skill-sets, modifiable assets & career turns which would’ve rather remained unexplored.