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Our network of senior consultants & faculties impart clarity across complex admission processes which might otherwise seem intimidating to candidates & parents.
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While identifying the growing need of quality employment & labour participation, we tried understanding the prime reasons behind the deficit in the first place. It is important for the millennial & forthcoming generations to recognise the right career path & education stream for themselves. Also, these preferences should be backed by their cognition & logical understanding about the challenges they’d face – This is where our partner team arise for the rescue. Our education division helps students & their parents recognise availability of education streams, the prerequisites, entrance preparation & the current domestic & international demand across different sectors for entry level professionals.

We take pride in supporting several families with options which fit their child’s potential & aspirations across – We take pride in our association with top counsellors & coaching professionals ensuring end-to-end preparation of candidates choosing Medicine, Engineering, Management & Abroad Studies. 

Our Services Include : Abroad Studies, Language Test Preparation, Career Guidance, Entrance Preparation Guidance, Admission Process Assistance (UG & PG), Internship Placement Guidance.

Entrance Preparation & Career Guidance

Abroad Studies

Navigating through international scholarships could be a mammoth task given there are so many options available including general scholarships & specialised funding schemes. Its is important to give handpicked opportunities to young talents who’d determine the future of global economy in the years to come.  


From shortlisting the best countries to narrowing down on the right university, our faculties offer end-to-end support to aspirants. We help our candidates with entrance & language test preparations & also with immigration procedures.

Our faculties analyse education systems of different countries based on factors such as rankings given by reputed institutions like QS Ranking & Times Higher Education. We evaluate countries based on other criteria like Research Opportunities, country’s GDP spend on education, Career Opportunities.

PG & UG Entrance Preparation

Our experts help you identify your strengths & inclination & match the same with  the right career path. It is important to set the right pace during preparation for entrance examinations like NEET, JEE Main, JEE Advance, GATE, KEAM, TISS-NET, LSAT & other tests which determine the candidate’s eligibility for Indian universities.

We support our candidates across entire process – Incl. course selection, college selection, exam preparation & admission formalities. Indian education system offers several provisions for various categories of applicants – although many aspirants go off-track due to deficit of right information. 

We consider it our duty to educate, inform & prepare the youth of India for the future by subjecting them to expert advice from industry leaders. 

Career Guidance

To maintain balance between even opportunities for youth & resource efficiency at organisations, we conduct Screening Process under expertise of a dedicated team specialised in recruitment & career counselling. 

The unemployment rate in India rose to 7.8% in February 2020. In rural areas, the rate increased to 7.4% from 6.0% in January, while in urban areas, it fell to 8.7% from 9.7%. 

It is important to channelise the young forces of India & impart clarity in them about the current & future opportunities across international corporate landscape. The generation X used to switch their jobs – while the Gen-Y & Gen-Z will switch their professions. We’re progressing into an era where, candidates will purely be evaluated based on their skill set, EQ & aptitudes. 

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) expects eight sectors – retail, construction, transport and logistics, tourism and hospitality, handlooms and handicrafts, textiles and apparels, food processing, and automotive – to generate over 10 crore jobs by 2025.

(Source : Economic Times)

Placement Support

Our corporate network features groups belonging to several industries with global footprints. We recognise the energy of young talents & the granularities of labour participation in India.

Young Indian workforces have plenty of career opportunities across Information Technology Sector, Product Management, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Civil Services, Medical Practice & Management. Although, it is important for candidates to begin their initial journey learning the protocols & skill-sets across training programs & internships offered by companies. With rising skill levels & substantial growth in startups & new businesses, the quality of jobs is also being enhanced.

Labor Force Participation Rate in India is expected to reach 51.50 percent by the end of 2020, according to Trading Economics global macro models and analysts expectations. In the long-term, the India Labor Force Participation Rate is projected to trend around 52.50 percent in 2021, as per econometric models.

(Source : Trading Economics)

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